Two-Way Radios


Hytera two-way radios combine a rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development.
When you buy Hytera radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform – and built to last.
Discover the different technologies and radios…

Our years of developing wireless two-way radios and systems means that we have a deep understanding of the individual needs of each industry, and of each individual within your communications chain. From the security professional who needs a covert solution, to the oil rig workers who need a robust, explosion-proof radio, our two-way radios and systems are used all around the world.

You’ll find Hytera radios in sports arenas, in warehouses, on construction sites, at airports, at events and conferences… in fact, you’ll find them in any location where critical communication is required. Discover our range of two-way radio technologies below, and use the product selector to find the products that are most suited to your communication needs.