TC-700 Hytera Portable Radio


TC-700U-1 400-450MHz, 16 channels,4/2/1W 25/20/12.5K
DTMF/2Tone/CTCSS/DCS/MSK/HDC1200/HDC2400 (2100mAh Li-ion battery/100-240V
adapter/MCU rapid charger/440-490M antenna) (RoHS)

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Main features

  • 16 channel capacity
  • RF Power Output: 5/2/1W (VHF), 5/2/1W (UHF)
  • Channel Spacing : 25/20/12.5KHz
  • Wide-band coverage
  • Powerful audio output
  • Built-in scrambler
  • Channel annunciation
  • HYT HDC2400 and HDC1200 signalling
  • Lone worker
  • Man down (optional)
  • Safty check

Standard package for  TC-700


Li-ion Battery (2100mAh) BL2102 1pc
Rapid-rate Charger CH10L07 1pc
Switching Power PS1014 1pc
Belt Clip BC09 1pc
Strap RO04 1pc
Antenna 1pc

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