TM-610 Hytera Professional Mobile Radio


TM-610V -136-174MHz, 128 channels, 25/5W 25K/20K/12.5K CTCSS/CDCSS/2T/DTMF encode
(electret condenser microphone/Bracket/exclusive power cable) (RoHS)

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Main features

  • 128 channels/16 zones
  • RF Power Output: 5/25W
  • Channel Spacing : 25/20/12.5KHz
  • Compact design
  • Wide-band coverage
  • Built-in scrambler
  • Versatile signallings
  • Password protection
  • Large 15-segment LCD display
  • 6 programmable backlit keys
  • Wired cloning/MSK wireless cloning
  • Emergency alarm

Standard package for  TM-610

Mounting bracket  BRK04 1pc
Power cable PWC06 1pc
Fuse POA15 1pc
Screws for microphone hanger 1pc
Microphone hanger  SM11R1 1pc

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